How to Prevent Heartworm Infection

The heartworm problem is rampant in many parts of North America and is also found in Central and Eastern United States of America. This canine disease damages the heart, the lungs and its arteries caused by a microscopic heartworm that grows into a more than a foot in length parasite. Infection from this sickness can […]

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Why Do Dogs Bury Bones

Seeing dogs burying bones beneath the ground has been a very rampant site world wide. It has been a behavior that many notice and at times lead us to think why do dogs do such action when they are well fed? For some, it is because of greed yet again it might be due to […]

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How to Socialize a Puppy

Dogs need to learn how to socialize with other people as well as with other dogs in order to be more confident and more well-adjusted to a family environment. There are dogs that may become timid and isolated if not given the proper socializing training. The earlier the training is done, the better. Here are […]

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